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 Website design for the luxury retailer

Watch Gallery HK Pte Ltd. was founded in 2018, they are a Singapore-based luxury watch boutique located at Orchard Mandarin Gallery.They planed to explore their branding with other countries in Asia. They need a branded website and tons os high-quality contents.

Design Thinking : Luxury Brand Style to Watch Gallery Styler

It is always good to tell you are different rather than you are better than others. Since those watches have been branded on their own, and customer can find their specification easily. We need to present them more than that in Watch Gallery perspective.
Besides detail of specification, we also helped them to produce high-quality visual content, watch photos, videos to represent watches. Those high-quality visual applied in a website and social media content and online store in watch platform. They created tons of attraction when help them make sales in the first month when they launch in a watch sell platform, chrono24.