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A brand new Japanese Ship

Japanese cuisine cannot miss out on the fresh sashimi. Fresh seafood requires some form of fishing, which requires a ship and a team of crews. After a long day of sailing, crews will gather around the ship while having meals and drinks.

The Bettership was founded through passion and the love for Japanese cuisine. Its goal is to achieve a unique experience by providing a whole new concept involving the ship, bringing up-close engagement of the crews and customers. Serving traditional fresh sashimi and donburi with non-conventional sauces making sure that every taste is special and memorable.

Provide quality durian pastry while offering a cosy cafe atmosphere that friends, families could gather to enjoy every new durian pastry discovery.Serving its unique Mao Shan Wang cakes, crhaquelin, pudding and ice cream. it gained popularity among social media with its continuous durian pastry innovation and striving for the perfect balance of taste with new ingredients, just nice for any durian lover.

Design Thinking: Newer and Better 

Simply to strive for better food. A ship silhouette symbolises the crews bonding together, always seeking for every fresh ingredients and ready to serve authentic and new Japanese dishes that are completed with fresh ingredients right from the sea.

Design Thinking: Implementation Of The Design- Fresh From The Sea

Sashimi are served on a small wooden ship-like bowl, providing a whole new experience and guaranteeing every ingredient freshness.

Design Thinking : Interior – Sail With The Crew


Objective was to maximise the odd-shaped space and maximise the opportunity to create some interesting and iconic. Therefore the ship sailed, with the agenda to be able to dine with the crews serving on the ship, and experience up close with the crews. Crews get to engage with customers and share their passion while showcasing their food preparation skills and ensuring the quality of food in front of every customer. .