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10 years old sichuan resturant re-branding

Old Cheng Du Sichuan cuisine restaurant is the first batch of Sichuan restaurant in Singapore Chinatown. They are keeping providing the high quality Sichuan food to local people. After many years, they have become a famous restaurant at Chinatown, not only local dinner but also travellers come from all over the world. Before their 11th anniversary, they realized the current design is bit out of day. They wished to improved all visuals design to refresh their Loyal customer and attract a new customer. After a few days investigation and discussion, some great ideas come into our mind.

Design Thinking : Younger Design to Refresh Customer


The original branding elements are revised into a younger and simpler stylelike logo and colour and other graphic visuals. An customised IP character – DUDU, a cooking panda was created to expand the branding divercity. The IP characters are applied in their marketing contents, and branding collateral, like bag, pillow, and mug, which can be used as a gift for their customer.

 Design Thinking : Apply Sichuan Culture into Visual Identity.


When people mentioned about Sichuan, Panda, and Mahjong are the first two signature come into peoples’ mind.
Therefore, 2560 pieces of Mahjong are pasted on a wall in the restaurant, and if you look it from far, you will seed a panda with its baby. This design turns out to be a photo wall for all customer when they come to the restaurant. And we also applied the “New Year Painting ” which is a type of traditional artwork at Sichuan into interior of the restaurant. 

Design Thinking :  Re-design Food Photos for Digital Solutions


All food photos are improved by hight quality and keeping the constancy. This design will ensure those photos cam be applied in printing and other digital solutions in the future and keep the constantly of the design.