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DURIAN PASTRY BRAND Development – Ms durian

Durian has always been a popular fruit across Asia and has always been associated with masculine names due to its reputation known to be the “king of fruits”. Ms Durian was discovered through passion and the love of durians, serving delicious pastries filled with fresh durians. Ensuring every mouth filled with quality durians with no colour additive nor preservative.

Founded in 2019, Ms Durian strived to provide quality durian pastry while offering a cosy cafe atmosphere that friends, families could gather to enjoy every new durian pastry discovery.Serving its unique Mao Shan Wang cakes, crhaquelin, pudding and ice cream. it gained popularity among social media with its continuous durian pastry innovation and striving for the perfect balance of taste with new ingredients, just nice for any durian lover.

Design Thinking: A New Brand with Its Characteristic


Msdurian aims to achieve a brand beyond any traditional durian associated brands. Differentiating itself from others by an offering brand new softer approach with its unique characteristic and innovation on durian pastries. With its own unique approach. A mascot was born, inspired by the form of a durian evolving into a mascot with a lazy cute characteristic aspire to provide a unique identity and a more friendly engagement with the audience.

Design Thinking: Freshness is a Gift.


Receiving a Msdurian pastry is just like receiving a gift, every packaging was well thought after, looking to achieve continuous surprise with fresh durian pastry hidden in it. Inspired by how durians were used to be wrapped with paper bags, Kraft bags are improvised with cooler bag function ensuring that every single pastry will freshly reach customers. Each packaging is well crafted with gold-stamped logo onto it, retaining the premium look and feel with consideration of being environmentally friendly.

Design Thinking : Interior – A Space for Family and Friends


When durian pastry meets high-tea cafe. Msdurian offers a cosy ambience for friends and family. Designed for anyone to meet over a high tea with some durian pastries, promising a unique experience for any durian lover.