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IP Characters helps traditional restaurant to expand their brand diversity

Prawn mee is a traditional food in Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore and Malaysia. Our client, as the name implies, DA SHI JIA BIG PRAWN MEE offers fresh big sea-caught prawns of various sizes for diners to choose from. The savory prawn soup glides on the tip of the tongue, the aromatic taste of prawn broth lingers in your mouth, accompanied by the elastic bouncy noodles, giving you a unique and enjoyable Singapore flavor. 
DA SHI JIA has subsequently earned recognition by local diners with its unique flavour, however, their version is to inherit traditional delicious and carry forward to make a representative of Singapore’s flavour, so they wish to create a brand impression to attract younger group dinners to promote this traditional food to them.

Design Thinking : Standardize and Create a Younger Brand Impression

Like a lot of traditional restaurant, Da Shi Jia Prawn Bee presents its brand with old school way – a logo only.  After brainstorm with our team, we think the most important thing is to have a branding discovery with client to help them to find out more detail of their brands. Like their mission, version, target audience profile and visual designs elements, sothat they can present their brand clearly and memorizable orally and visually. 

Design Thinking :  Use IP Characters to Expand Brand’s Diversity


You may hear of the word ” mascot ” decades ago, but it is only a single character, and applications were very limited due to how traditional media works. Thanks to social media rising, the mascot which now called IP character to become a strong force to help on brand marketing to attract younger groups and be widely used in brands’ online and offline marketing applications.
The character can be one or a lot, those characters are linked, they all have their personalities, and story, together they create a universe. Creating a short story about them and engage the branding inside become a popular and more accepted way for young dinner in marketing content.


For BIG Prawn Mee we created two main characters, a junior chef – Big Prawn Boy ( 大虾丸) and his master Shifu – Prawn master( 虾师傅 ), the storyline created is about funny things happen when the prawn master teaches big prawn boy to cook right prawn mee. ( ps: The third character Egg master is created for their new food, so stay tuned). It works extremely well when we started to introduce them to dinners. Even more, we bring those characters to the concept of DA SHI JIA Changi airport Jewelry popup shop and more marketing contents, so stay tuned.