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DA SHI JIA BIG PRAWN MEE, a traditional Penang style prawn noodles restaurant.Read more to see how IP Characters helps brand to expand diversity.

Singaporean Love Beef La Mian now

Most of Singaporean love Japanese Ramen,
but rarely people know Chinese La Mian.
How to bring this new product and brand into local customers view ?
Read more to see the localisation strategies of Nuodle.

the bettership

It is not just an interior design for a Sashimi restaurant.
This place is designed to create an atmosphere,
which you and your colleague will love to handle out after a whole day working.

Make the NEW Brand Stand Out

MaMum was a new brand under Coffee & Toast group,
specialised in cooking tasty food of South Asia.
Read more to find out about how this brand developed.

About ConceptSmiths

A multidiscipline design & branding agency. Dedicated to help F&B business to identify, distinguish their brand and communicate it through creativity solutions and visuals. Specialise in branding as a core approach, to create an unique brand identity and ensuring consistency onto multiple touch points such as brand collaterals, product & packaging design, interior design, web design, and develop new retail solutions.

What We Think


We don’t just draw a logo, we help you to create the most suitable branding profile of your business, giving a memorable impression to your client.



We understand every international brand is dependent on localisation, being advertised and adapted for the local culture.



By doing a right re-branding, the owner can have better engagement with younger group clients meanwhile keeping  the traditional taste.

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